Monday, September 7, 2009

go Gators

As a new comer, you'd be very lucky to be in the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to watch the Gators to rip off any opponent who dares to challenge the gators in the swamp. I'd say I'm the lucky one. Some of UF students have been here for years and haven't got a ticket to the game, yet I managed to have one after only one month of my arrival. A ticket to the first game of this football season.
University of Floria vs. Charleston Southern

The stadium is full of orange and blue, the symbolic colors of UF. One can be so easily touched by the enthusiasm of gator fans, who are not only audience, but also part of the game already. Once you are in there, you can't help but growl with them, cheer with them, clap with them and roar with them. It was a great game, big opening victory for the Florida Gators.

It's the Gator Nation
go Gators!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Crabbing at Cedar Key

Crabbing at Cedar Key, which is 2 hours' drive to the west from Gainesville. It's a great place for boating, and crabbing. Basically, we use chicken legs to lure Blue Crab, it didn't take too long before one is "hooked". For each crab caught, we placed it in a little iced cubic, not before long, they stopped struggling because of the coldness. After three hours crabbing in the sun, we ended up with close to 30 crabs and 4 tickets! Apparently, you need a fishing license to go crabbing. We were caught right on site by a patrol when we were about to leave. Lucky enough, the officer only gave us ticketed warnings rather than fines.