Saturday, October 31, 2009

some Halloween films

Get ready for the Halloween horror feast!

Horror Night @ Universal Studio

Having stuck in Gainesville for three months, finally the suburbanite goes into the big CITY seeking for some entertainment that he is deprived of for a long time.

Horror Night @ Universal Studio (Orlando)

Apparently the men behind this event have put tremendous effort in creating a scary ambience with the dizzy lights, scary music, bloody settings, big fire coming from the roof, smoke that permeated into every corner of the setting which dims your visibility, walking zombies on streets who approach you all of a sudden and scare the hell out of you and of course, the core of Halloween - Haunted House.

Dracula, Frankenstein, Silver Screams, Chucky, Saw

Only went to 5 of the 8 haunted houses. One and the only one tip to go to haunted houses: Always always go with girls :)

Also took two rides in Mummy, and one ride in Simpson, which were so cool. Unlike these freaking 90 degrees roller-coasters which give you a cold gasp even by simply looking at them, Mummy is more like a plotted-rollercoaster, it's indoor and doesn't have these crazy U-turns. I would take another ride next time. And Simpson is a 4D movie theater, just amazed about the way it makes you feel that you are losing gravity and falling from sky to the ground by simply adjusting the movements on the things you are sitting on, AMAZING!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gator Growl

Had a great time in the swamp as the annual Gator Growl kicks off a great night show following homecoming parade. This year, Gator Growl brings in Dana Carvey, O.A.R. and Jabbawockeez. Just got so amazed by how far these standing comedians could go to amuse the audience, half of which students and the other half, parents. It's all about sex, homosexual, politics. Dana Carvey definitely knows how to mimic political figures. However, he's apparently not adding too much new sauces, coz I searched, after the show, through Youtube only to find the exact same jokes. Well, you can't blame him for that, because that's kinda how this entire entertainment industry works. And one more thing, if only they could've set up the stage in the middle of the stadium, my neck would feel so much better.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Homecoming Parade

I thought homecoming day was the day when new students come to university at the beginning of each academic year, apparently I was right about the predicate and object, but wrong about the subject. Instead of new students, homecoming is welcoming back former residents and alumni of an institution. Wikipedia has a more detailed introduction of homecoming.

Homecoming Parade is held annually here at University of Florida, UF organizations and neighborhood communities would participate in the parade as an opportunity to showcase whatever they wanna show to Gainesville residents. It's in the middle of noon, people have lined up along the University Avenue, and chopper is circling to ensure a full media coverage from the air. From distance, you can hear siren, which is only part of the parade.

Having just watched military parade on National Day, I feel so delighted to watch homecoming parade. Because this parade is FUN.

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