Monday, January 31, 2011

Make Mac run faster

Had this Macbook Pro for a year and half, it's running damn slow as applications are installed and uninstalled. Usually it so happens because either too many applications are been installed and it messes up with the disk permission, or there're some disk errors that require repair. To make the system run faster, the following few steps would help:

1. Remove unused applications;

2. Close unnecessary notifications;

3. Repair disk permission
--a. open applications->utilities->disk utility
--b. select Mac OS disk
--c. verify disk permissions
--d. repair disk permissions

4. Repair Disk
--a. insert Mac OS CD
--b. restart the system
--c. open utilities->disk utility
--d. verify disk
--e. repair disk

these few steps have worked for me, it feels light and new again.