Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New York

had some good and bad experiences in this city, I can't say "I Love NY" as I can say it with HK. Just spent half a day in this city, everything I saw was a mere glance, but finally a countryside boy's dream has come true. The moment I got onto the observatory of the Empire State Building, I had this unspeakable impulse, "FINALLY!"

Emory University

Dooley, the skeleton figure on the right, is the unofficial mascot of Emory University. Lucky that I had the chance to visit Emory University earlier this March. The campus is small but awesomely beautiful. It's virtually founded in nature. Squirrels with little pinecones hopping right in the middle of campus avenue; unnamed birds flying over your head, chirping nicely. Just gives you the feel that you're so far away from the city, inhaling so fresh air, appreciating such fascinating scenes and enjoying the untainted atmosphere, that you'll have a longer life here!

Emory University traces back to 1836, a very old and prestigious institution in the states. To me, the fraternity and sorority houses are especially alluring, partly because of American Pie. It's been great experience traveling at Emory, met many great people, hope to be there again.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Tony Chan - New President of HKUST

Prof. Tony Chan, the newly appointed president of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology made his debut with students, faculty and staff today. His predecessor, Prof. Paul Chu, who has made tremendous contribution to the development of this university and bringing the reputation to the international level during his terms, will leave office in August and continue to research in USA. To live up to what Paul has founded and take it to another new level, Tony, the third president will face incessant challenges.


have always wanted to take a tour in Shanghai given all the domestic and international exposure of this "international city". But when I actually was in Shanghai, nothing is like what I have expected. It's like everywhere you go is under construction, totally a huge construction site. yeah, I know it's part of Expo 2010, probably not the best time to tour there. Hope to be in Shanghai again during the Expo.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Super Band Live in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not only a financial center, but also an entertainment center, at least in the 90th. Though the entertainment industry is now on the down hill, artists still are fighting their way to Hong Kong and a lot of fine artists make their debut here. Hong Kong Hung Hom Coliseum has always been a shrine for singers. They see it as a great honor to have their own concert in the coliseum, because to do so, one needs popularity, popularity and popularity!

Super Band(縱貫線), which gathers four Chinese top artists (周華健、羅大佑、李宗盛、張震岳), totally meets this criterion. It's been a great night, a great appreciation of many old songs and the stage effect is awesome!

The Peak

probably started from Garfield's hilarious photo-taking scene(click this) with the Big Ben in A Tail of Two Kitties, this photo taking skill has been the hottie in town.

Friday, March 20, 2009

on the run

life's been on the run this month. Spent the first two weeks in Atlanta, New York, Shanghai and Jiangsu. Now I'm back in Hong Kong, it's a whole mess 'coz two assignments are due and two exams are approaching the following week and I need to make up all the courses missed through reading, reading, and reading! Hope to get it over with soon, comes April, life's full of sunshine again.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taiwan or Japan

while Apple Store is updating its products, seems it's updated something more...
see the word "Taiwan" on the upper-right, it says "Japan" right above "Taiwan"...

(the photo is a snapshot of the page at 9:02:36 PM, March 03, 2009)

point C

professors have ways to confuse his/her students, as in today's Game Theory, Prof. Zamir showed how his professor used to confuse him.
"Given a point A, let's call it B", as he was saying this, he wrote a C next to the point.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


never thought it would be this easy and fast to be granted VISA to USA in Hong Kong.

1. make application payment at Da Sing Bank and keep the receipt.
2. submit an application online, also book an appointment.
3. go to the Consulate General, submit your documentary and proofs.
4. leave your finger prints and talk to an officer, results will be disclosed to you right after the talk.
5. wait for 2 days till your visa attached to your passport arrives your house.

that's it. the whole process takes no more than four days, no tedious red tape to go through, and a one year-valid VISA to USA is approved even if I only requested to stay for three days. That's what they call efficiency. It took me one and half a months to get a three days-valid visa to Taiwan, and that's even under special circumstance. Politics can be very interesting....