Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Canada Visa for Chinese F1 Students

Just successfully applied VISA to Canada. It's so much easier to get it if you are holding F1 visa in USA. Basically you just need the following documents to be not refused entry to Canada:

1. Application form
2. Application fee
--- paid with money order is convenient if you're not in the vicinity of any embassies
3. I-20
4. Valid Passport
5. Certificate of registration
--- this can be issued at university admission and registration office

More details are posted on Embassy of Canada.


Autumn May Dale said...

Cool! More students will be interested to apply for Study Visa Canada. Thanks for sharing the requirements

Super Visa said...

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Exon Immigration said...

These days I am actually busy with my Canadian Immigration Consultant for the immigration. That's why could not come here. But now I am free and will visit on the daily basis.

Elisha said...

Informative Blog!It's realy help for student who can applying for visa.Thanks for sharing.

Dhairya said...

Thanks for sharing a information regarding a canada visa.It's really help for everyone who can migrat to canada.